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PAINHAS, S.A. is a reference company in terms of service provision for Construction, Maintenance and Operation' Management, throughout the whole Power Network's value chain. It has specialized and skilled Management and Operational teams with extensive know-how, equipment and technology to meet specific customers' requirements.


PAINHAS, S.A. has contributed in generation projects of national reference for several clients.

Besides having integrated the Portuguese Wind Cluster, being responsible for the installation of 1200 MW of wind power in recent years, the company has also participated in the construction of EDP Renewables, Gamesa, VentoMinho and Generg wind farms. Regarding the hydroelectric sector, PAINHAS, S.A. was present in large EDP Produção reference projects, especially the hydroelectric projects of Venda Nova and Salamonde, in partnership with Siemens, and the Iberdrola's Tâmega hydroelectric project. Additionally, PAINHAS, S.A also participated in the construction of the Mirandela Mechanical - Biological Waste Treatment Centre, as well as in biogas projects for clients such as Lipor, Ersuc, ValorMinho, Ambisousa and Resíduos do Nordeste, various photovoltaic power stations in Spain (Talavera, Pinoso and Monovar), among other Renewable and Alternative Energies projects.


In terms of power transmission, PAINHAS, S.A. has an extensive portfolio of reference projects. REN's partner since 2002, the company is qualified in various categories: servitudes, design, construction,power line maintenance (overhead and underground), EHV substations (150-220-400 kV) and live works. The prestige and efficiency in the construction of several lines (single-circuit, double-circuit, upgradings, upratings) and substations have projected the company's growth beyond frontiers in Europe, Middle East and Africa.
  • Design
  • Servitudes
  • Construction of EHV power lines (150-220-400 kV)
  • Construction and Maintenance of EHV/ HV substations
    (150-220-400 kV) / (60kV)
  • Underground power lines
  • Live Works


Being an EDP Distribution Partner for more than 3 decades PAINHAS, S.A. is currently undertaking 3 reference projects:
  • Multi Annual Framework Contract of Networks
  • Multi Annual Contract of Substations - Electromechanical works
  • Multi Annual Contract of Substations - Civil Works.

  • The scope of the Multi Annual Framework Contract of Networks, is the construction of HV/MV Power Lines and Maintenance Activities, Network and Customer Assistance, Commercial Assistance and InovGrid Activities over the last 5 years:
    • HV Power Lines Construction - 360 km of Overhead Lines
    • MV Power Lines Construction - 300 km of Overhead Lines
      and 600 km of Underground Lines
    • Construction/Upgrade of MV/LV cabin substations
      - 460 interventions
    • Construction and Maintenance of LV/Public Lighting
      - 2700 km of overhead lines and 440 km of underground lines
    • Live works - 4000 interventions
    • Customer Network Assistance Activity (24h, 365 days/year)
      - restoration of 40.000 outages/year
    • Commercial Assistance Activities - 350.000 service orders/year
    • InovGrid Activities - 10.000 interventions in Live Works in MV/LV cabin substations and installation of 30.000 EDPbox smart meters.

    The scope of the Multi Annual Contract of Substations, in the Electromechanical and Civil Components, comprises - Design, Construction and Maintenance of Substations and HV/MV switching stations, Installation and Reinforcement of Protection and SCADA systems and auxiliary power supply.

    PAINHAS, S.A. provides excellence and quality services throughout the whole power distribution value chain.


    PAINHAS, S.A. is present in the Electrical Systems Installation markets, developing activities for private and institutional customers, providing "turnkey" solutions, in order to satisfy the specific requirements of each client. Reference projects: ENERCON factories, APDL and DB Shenker
    • MV Cabin Substation
    • HVAC Systems
    • Design
    • Energy Efficiency
    • LV Networks
    • Lighting and Motors
    • Computer Networks
    • Telecommunications
    • Electrical Panels
    • Maintenance Services


    Telecommunications is one of the traditional business areas of PAINHAS, S.A., where know-how, references and experience are a guarantee for its customers. As experienced system integrators, the company offers a complete range of services for operators of landline, mobile and FTTH networks. The scope of activity is design, planning, acquisition, turnkey installation and support services, using the knowledge and experience of all employees.
    • Landline Network Installation and Maintenance
    • Placement and Maintenance of Public Payphones
    • Installation of Cell Towers
    • Electromagnetic field measurements in base stations
    • Global Service Provider
    • Installation of optical fiber cables in EHV/HV underground and overhead lines
    Mobile Network FTTH Network Fixed Network