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Founded in 1980


With over 35 years' experience, PAINHAS, S.A. was founded in 1980 in Viana do Castelo. It currently has more than 2000 direct and indirect employees. Its core business lies in the Power Networks' infrastructures and also an extended experience in telecommunication infrastructures.

PAINHAS, S.A. is a reference in the Generation, Distribution, Transmission and Electrical Systems markets, aiming to continue the projection of the brand internationally.

PAINHAS, S.A. has the objective of following the values that define it as a company of reference and excellence towards its employees, partners and clients.


PAINHAS, S.A. was established in Portugal, growing and evolving, strengthening its know-how day by day with dedication of wanting to do more and better. Composed of highly-professional and specialized teams, its history has been written with the professionalism of its services and its client's recognition.

PAINHAS, S.A. is present in Angola, in partnership with the Omatapalo Group. From this merger PA OMATAPALO was established. The work has been carried out in constant partnership, in real team work dedication and experience with Angolan and Portuguese employees, always with specific training in the different areas of specialization. The future is created with the strength of the present, made up of choices, dedication and work. Angola is a reference for the company's sustainable growth.

The positive feedback from its clients and partners lead to the enterprise's urge to grow, to leave its mark of tradition and experience, at the same time with the goal of expanding to other countries and other realities. The branch in France, created in 2015, is the clear proof of the investment in the European Internationalization process, which has already proved successful in France and Germany.



The Switch On Training Academy is a PAINHAS, S.A. company. As a training entity, certified by DGERT since 2012, focuses in the development of differentiating training projects through technical excellence plans, team development plans and individual development plans.